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Working to make the world a better place.

Somerset  Charities

As a small-business firm, we strongly believe serving our community means more than just helping our clients with their finances. It means helping all residents and their families lead better lives so that we all prosper together. That’s why we are passionate about donating a percentage of our proceeds to charity. We believe that we can make a large positive impact beyond that of helping our clients to achieve their financial and retirement goals. Our "Somerset - Here, Near and Far Charitable Program" supports worthy charities helping people and animals both domestically and throughout the world.

Each time you do business with Somerset, we will donate a percentage of our proceeds to a worthy charity. If you specify the charity from our list we will donate specifically to them, and if you feel passionate about a charity not listed we will make a donation in honor of you or anonymously (should you choose) to them.

Depending upon the charity, their cause and efficiency, we may even add them to the list of supported charities below. It's our core belief that we are on this planet to make the world a better place and to add value every day. If we could all practice this, even in the smallest of ways, the world would indeed be a different place. Thank you for placing your trust and confidence in Somerset.