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How to Plan for Retirement When You Have a Child with Autism or Special Needs

Somerset adviser, David Smith, offers his advice in this Bankrate article.

5 Part-Time Jobs That Are Perfect for Retirees

Somerset's Executive Vice President, Scott Sadar, contributes to this US News article.

Low Interest Rates Make Some Fixed-Index Annuities Shine

Somerset's President Andrew Murdoch examines this conundrum: Experts have consistently said that ultra-low interest rates have no place to go but up, but the financial markets continue to ignore them and push rates down further. Who is to say that the U.S. won't wind up with negative interest rates – the case today in Japan and Europe?

Can a Life-Insurance Policy Offer Investors a Higher Interest Rate?

Somerset President Andrew Murdoch explains the Modified Endowment Contract (MEC).

Red Flags Rise in 2016 for the Recently Retired

What is a sequence of return risk and how can you avoid it? Attention soon-to-be retirees: Somerset President Andrew Murdoch gives you the good news and the bad news in his latest article.

GoodCall Expert Panel: How to Start Saving for Retirement Now

Executive VP of Somerset Wealth Strategies, Scott Sadar, offers suggestions on how young professionals can start saving for the future.

A Deferred-Income Annuity May Help You Get More Cash Later

Somerset's own Andrew Murdoch explains the upside of DIAs and answers the question: what's the catch?

Why Fixed Indexed Annuities Are Strong Sellers

Somerset President Andrew Murdoch's latest article asserts that, for most annuity buyers, guaranteed principal, with some upside potential and guaranteed lifetime income is an unbeatable combination.

2016 Is a Challenging Year to Buy an Annuity

Somerset's President, Andrew Murdoch, evaluates whether or not 2016 has to be such a challenging year.

The Truth About Declining Annuity Payments

Somerset's President Andrew Murdoch explains the decrease in annuity payments and how brokers and agents are helping clients cope.

How to Buy Annuities in a Dicey Year

Somerset President Andrew Murdoch explains how certain annuities are becoming more desirable despite the new mortality tables.

Annuity Payouts Are Poised to Decline, but the Pain May Be Curbed

Somerset President Andrew Murdoch discusses annuity payouts in this My Central Oregon article.

Annuities Spark Criticism, But It Really Isn't Justified

Scott Sadar addresses common criticisms of annuities in this California Broker Magazine article (pages 9-10). Scott Sadar (CFP) is the Executive Vice President of Somerset Wealth Strategies.

Are You the Perfect Person for Fixed Annuities?

Andrew Murdoch, Somerset's President, explains the benefits of a fixed annuity in this Marketwatch article.

How to Choose Among the 5 Major Annuity Types

Andrew Murdoch, President of Somerset Wealth Strategies, explains how to choose among the 5 major types of annuities.

9 Basics About Annuities You Need to Know

Read Somerset President Andrew Murdoch's latest article in which he explains the nine key annuity terms.

Low Interest Rates Make Immediate Annuities Attractive

Who is a good candidate for an immediate annuity? Andrew Murdoch, President of Somerset, explores this topic in his latest article for MarketWatch.

Striking A Balance Between Value & Price

Somerset's President Andrew Murdoch explains why slumping annuity sales should lead to better deals for consumers in this article.

Should Strategic Investors also be Tactical Investors?

President of Somerset, Andrew Murdoch, asserts that "good strategic investors remain relatively unperturbed during volatile periods". Learn more from Murdoch's informative article.

Is There a Silver Lining in Declining Annuity Sales?

Somerset's own Andrew Murdoch explores variable annuity sales data and discusses a potential rebound in this informative article.

Doublers are Worth Considering

Find out why in this article written by Somerset Wealth Strategies President Andrew Murdoch.

Annuity Nursing Home Doublers Make Sense

Somerset President Andrew Murdoch explains doublers and provides a real-life nursing home scenario.

Retirement: 8 Rules for Savvy Annuity Buyers

Read the latest MarketWatch article by Somerset's President, Andrew Murdoch, discussing how to shop carefully for annuities.

Baby Boomers Buying Annuities In Record Numbers

Learn more about baby boomers buying annuities in an article written by Somerset's President, Andrew Murdoch.

6 Tips for Shopping for Annuities - Syracuse Post Standard

Article written by Somerset's President Andrew Murdoch.

Seven Ways To Reduce Your Oregon Income Taxes - GoLocalPDX

President Andrew Murdoch discusses ways to cope with high Oregon income tax in GoLocalPDX

Radio Interviews

WOCA AM Radio Interview with Josh Tschirgi

Somerset's Josh Tschirgi talks annuities - from the basics to Brexit - with WOCA AM in Ocala, Florida.

Josh Tschirgi Interview

MoneyLife Radio Interview with Tom Hamlin

Somerset's CEO, Tom Hamlin, spoke with Chuck Jaffe on his MoneyLife radio show about the outlook for annuities in 2016.

MoneyLife Radio Show Interview

Inside Central Oregon Radio Interview with Andrew Murdoch

Listen to Somerset's President, Andrew Murdoch, discuss annuity trends on KBNW-AM's "Inside Central Oregon"

Inside Central Oregon Part 1
Inside Central Oregon Part 2

The Appeal of Nursing Home Doublers

Listen to Somerset's President Andrew Murdoch discuss doublers with WOCA radio in Ocala.

Somerset President Andrew Murdoch's KBNW AM Interview

Listen to Somerset's President, Andrew Murdoch, discuss the saving habits of Americans and how Oregon's current economy measures up against other states.

Saving Habits of Americans
Savings Problem and Solutions Part 1
Savings Problem and Solutions Part 2

Radio Interview with Joe Loverro of WRIP Radio

Joe interviews Andrew Murdoch about annuities. Andrew breaks down annuities, explaining the various types and identifying the best candidates.

MoneyLife Radio Interview with Andrew Murdoch

President Andrew Murdoch explains the various types of annuities in detail. A comprehensive overview. A recommended listen for anyone considering investing in annuities.

Articles Contributed to by Somerset

4 Ways Marriage Makes Your Social Security Bigger

Andrew Murdoch, President of Somerset Wealth Strategies, contributes to this article on how to make the most of your social security benefits.

Retirement Planning for Singles: 5 Tips for Flying Solo

Somerset's Scott Sadar contributes to this article addressing the insecurity that many single retirees feel.

5 Ways to Use Your IRA to Reduce Risk in Retirement

Somerset financial advisor Josh Tschirgi advises retirees on investing just before and just after retirement.

7 Tips to Find Effective Investment Mentoring

Executive VP of Somerset, Scott Sadar, advises investors on keeping their cool when riding the market's ups and downs in this article by US News & World Report.

7 Tips About Required Minimum Distributions for Baby Boomers Turning 70

Somerset's Tom Hamlin offers warnings on RMDs in this Bankrate article.

Use Income From Your Sideline Business to Grow Retirement Savings Quickly

Somerset CEO Tom Hamlin contributes to this article advising high earners in retirement.

Multiple IRAs: Why It Sometimes Makes Sense to Own More Than 1 IRA

Kaitlin Ugolik's consults Somerset's Tom Hamlin in her latest Institutional Investor article about the SEC's role in continuity planning.

SEC Steps in on RIA Succession Planning

View BankRate's slideshow for input from Somerset's executive vice president Scott Sadar on why you may want to own more than one IRA.

Top 50 Annuities for 2016 by Karen Hube

Read Karen Hube's latest Barron's article on the Top 50 Annuities for 2016, with a contribution from Somerset's Andrew Murdoch. Follow the link for a preview and to subscribe or call (800) 544-0422 to obtain a copy of the article.

The Elusive Nature Of Culture At Broker-Dealers

Somerset's own Andrew Murdoch offers his take on the broker-dealer culture in Juliette Fairley's latest article for Financial Advisor.

Single-Income Families: 6 Secrets to Help Make Ends Meet

Scott Sadar, executive vice president at Somerset Wealth Strategies, advises breadwinners to maximize income opportunities at their current place of employment in Robyn Tellefsen's article.

The 15-Year Sprint to Retirement

Somerset financial advisor David Smith offers his input on social security and retirement savings in this U.S. News & World Report article.

Rising Rates, Longer Lives Make Annuities Tricky

Andrew Murdoch, President of Somerset Wealth Strategies, lends his expertise to this article.

9 Financial Mistakes Retirees Can’t Afford to Make

In this Investopedia article, Josh Tschirgi, a financial advisor at Somerset Wealth Strategies, offers input on financing college, purchasing health insurance and more.

Help Your Clients Know Their Stuff and Shop Carefully for an Annuity

Somerset's Executive Vice President, Scott Sadar, explains how to carefully shop for an annuity in this California Broker Magazine article.

Annuity Sales Are Soft

Somerset's President, Andrew Murdoch, offers his take on the negative annuity sales trend.

Bond Ladders Seen as a Prudent Approach to Fixed Income

Somerset's own Josh Tschirgi was quoted in this PlanAdviser article discussing bond ladder performance.s

Make Long-Term-Care Coverage Affordable

Somerset Executive Vice President Scott Sadar contributes to this article regarding long term care and how to pay for it.

How This New Annuity Can Minimize Your RMDs in Retirement

Somerset's President Andrew Murdoch contributes to this discussion on how to invest retirement account money in a deferred-income annuity.

A Question of Premium: Is Life Insurance a Sound Investment?

Somerset President Andrew Murdoch characterizes life insurance as "more a peace of mind play than a growth play" in this article.

New Ways to Pay for Long-Term Health Care

This MarketWatch article includes insight from Somerset President, Andrew Murdoch.

This Father-Daughter-Son Team Survived 9/11 but Divorced Wall Street Altogether 14 Years Later.

Somerset's Josh Tschirgi, a former Morgan Stanley advisor, shares his insight on the company's bank-pushing practice.

8 Annuity Tips: How to Buy Them

Somerset President Andrew Murdoch offers his input throughout this must-read list of annuity buying tips.

Want to Move When You Retire? Start Planning Now.

Read Elizabeth O'Brien's article on moving upon retirement and find input from Somerset's President, Andrew Murdoch.

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